Club Versante Project


Club Versante is an upscale membership-based club that facilitates exceptional culinary and leisurely experiences. As of 2023, CRS has completed four restaurant kitchens and 7 kitchen designs. The fifth kitchen is opening this year, and the other kitchens will open next year. The project started in 2017 and has had 5 different executive chefs CRS had to remain agile and creative in order to meet the needs of each restaurant.


CRS needed to create restaurant kitchen layouts that enabled five different culinary experiences at Club Versante to come to life. That meant the design needed to accommodate each experience while working within the constraints of the space, including pillars and size.

The complexities of the location, distinct visions and equipment sharing all posed unique challenges on this project. CRS needed to:

  • Ensure each restaurant’s needs are met.

  • Insulate the space while working around a large, load-bearing pillar.

  • Maximize restaurant kitchen layout in a compact space.

  • Determine how to operationally use the equipment for all restaurants from a centralized point.

Club Versante Challenge

Club Versante Solution


The Club Versante restaurants are a true example of the different skills on the CRS team coming together to succeed. Having a determined and innovative in-house design team, strong relationships and communication skills with various stakeholders, and an expert understanding of how to make the most of commercial kitchen equipment helped make these restaurants a success. CRS:

  • Refined the design of all restaurants with input from each chef.

  • Worked with the manufacturer to properly insulate the space regardless of the immovable pillar.

  • Utilized crossover kitchen equipment to manage space restrictions.

  • Worked closely with the health authority to meet health requirements while accomplishing the client’s vision.