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Club Versante
Membership Club


Club Versante is an upscale membership-based club that facilitates exceptional culinary and leisurely experiences. As of 2023, CRS has completed four restaurant kitchens and 7 kitchen designs. The fifth kitchen is opening this year, and the other kitchens will open next year. The project started in 2017 and has had 5 different executive chefs CRS had to remain agile and creative in order to meet the needs of each restaurant.

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Summerwood Retirement Residence
Care home


CRS has built six Summerwood retirement locations. Whenever working with a care home, CRS needs to focus on the resident dynamic, like how many rooms the home holds or kitchen size.

The dining focus in care homes is on nutritional value, and CRS takes that into consideration when selecting kitchen equipment and layout.

Safety must also be factored into the equipment selection, allowing employees to track all necessary safety information easily.

Edo Japan


CRS has built over 100 of Edo Japan’s locations. 

The design of each location must follow the brand standards and utilize the required equipment. 

When supply chain issues struck globally, CRS’s restaurant kitchen designers worked closely with the operations team at Edo to simplify the design.

Penticton Lakeside Resort


This resort currently has two restaurants and one banquet kitchen, with a pub soon to come.

Foodservice in the Okanagan can, understandably, get hot.

Understanding the unique challenges of the climate in Penticton coupled with industry know-how, CRS was able to provide an innovative commercial kitchen equipment solution to a burning problem: heat.

By installing coolers and refrigeration equipment on the rooftop, heat generation was taken out of the kitchen, resulting in a more comfortable work environment.

The Train Station Pub


Working closely with the owners, CRS focused on a redesign of the bar rather than a kitchen build for this project.

The right bar service equipment and teamwork with one of the best bar manufacturers in North America transformed this pub into a bartender’s ergonomic dream.

The result is faster bar service that’s easier on the bartender’s body, resulting in an in-demand bar for both patrons and prospective employees.